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We’re happy to see your kids anytime, even if you’re not!

We have a lot of fun with children and families. It’s not unusual to have siblings racing in and pushing one another aside to be first in the dental chair! We have chair rides, and air pistol fights before getting down to counting teeth and inspecting or teaching brushing and flossing techniques. We love to hear stories of the day, and great school sporting moments! Another big hit is our ‘Special Box’ that is full of goodies (non edible!) that kids can choose one from at the end of their visit. No one lets us forget to get out the “Special Box”!

We also have a Dobson Dental Hero program for our patients who have made a special effort dentally. We have a Hero Wall, and a Facebook page where they are displayed for all to admire!

A frequently asked question is ‘When do I bring my little one in for their first dental visit?’ Well, we love to see little ones from about 12 months. We pop them on parents’ laps and have a ride in the chair. If we can count teeth, and see teeth, then good. If not, then the little one has had a positive new experience anyway. Either way, we discuss with the parents the diet and brushing techniques. Then every 6 months we do it again. We don’t usually charge for these visits until about 3 years of age. These visits can also be fun with older siblings in the room who have gone earlier and modelled the correct behaviour. Then the little one is very keen to copy. The bigger children usually find it fun seeing their small sibling trying hard to please too. For more information on babies teeth and dental visits go to our Babies and Children Dental Care webpage.

For anxious children, we just work and move much more slowly. We chat a lot more about their life and friends and family, and gradually develop a rapport over time. There can be no rush when anxiety is in the room! See our page on Nervous/ Anxious Patients for more information.

We pride ourselves on being a Family Practice. We have many families who are still coming through our doors 42 years, and several generations later! We love seeing children come through our doors, and exclaiming at how tall they have grown since we saw them 6 months ago! It is also delightful when those children you saw when they were 12, now bring in their children.

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We are proud members of the Australian Dental Association

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