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Mouth guards are a must!
Well…..only if you want to keep your teeth!

You and your kids should wear a properly made mouth guard for any contact sport.  These include football, rugby, hockey, boxing and martial arts.  Other sports where mouth guards are highly recommended are water polo, basketball, netball, lacrosse, BMX and skateboarding. Mouth guards should be worn for competition and training.

If front teeth are broken or knocked out, it’s for life.  They are never the same again.  They are a problem for life.  Prevent teeth from damage!  We can make you a mouth guard in no time!  Just give us a call.  It only takes 5 minutes to take an impression of your teeth, and pick a cool colour or two for your mouth guard.  Usually we’ll have it back for you in a few days.  Properly molded mouth guards spread the load of a sporting impact across teeth and gums to avoid damage.  Chemist mouth guards never fit properly, so do not spread the load, so cannot protect the teeth the same way.

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We are proud members of the Australian Dental Association

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