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So many people out there you see daily have dentures, and you don’t even know it! Dentures don’t have to look obvious and making dentures is not an awful process to go through either!

Partial dentures replace anything from one tooth, to most teeth in either your upper or lower jaw.  These dentures are held in by your remaining teeth, in a variety of ways.  They are usually very cozy and comfortable and easy to eat with.  Most need little if any adjusting once they are inserted.  The materials they are made of vary, from metal bases, to acrylic bases, to springy nylon bases.  Each has benefits in different situations, and we always carefully go through the pros and cons of each with you to help you make an informed decision as to which will be right for you.

Full dentures are needed when all of your teeth in either jaw, or both, are missing, or all of your remaining teeth need to be extracted. These are always made of gum coloured acrylic, and most people adapt quickly and well to them.

We give easy to follow care and use instructions, and are there with you every step of the way to help you with your new teeth.

Of course, if you’ve had ‘falsies’, ‘plates’ or ‘dentures’ for ages, and need maintenance or repairs, we’re here for you too.  Many repairs can be done either the same day, or the next.  No-one wants to be without their teeth longer than they have to!  There’s only so long you can hide at home and eat soup!

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We are proud members of the Australian Dental Association
We are proud members of the Australian Dental Association
We are proud members of the Australian Dental Association

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