Teeth Whitening

 Often referred to as Bleaching is very popular! It is a safe and easy process, which has been around now for over 20 years.  We take you through step by step how to have the beautiful smile you want.  The average time it takes is 4 days to 2 weeks.

 Young people sometimes need to make super-white flecks disappear or fade.

 Middle-aged people start to notice their teeth yellowing, and just want to ‘freshen up’ their smile.

 Often, grandparents are reminded by their delightful grandchildren, that their teeth are yellow!  A little bleaching can fix a bruised ego!

 Once you have the starter kit, any future touch-ups you need, (if you need any!) just require one or two tubes at a time, at no great cost from us anytime.


Veneers are tooth coloured restorations, usually placed on front teeth to improve aesthetics. They can either be made directly on your teeth, or indirectly in the laboratory and cemented onto your teeth later. Porcelain veneers are very thin, delicate, translucent sheets of porcelain.  They are made precisely to fit areas of front teeth that have been shaped by the dentist.  Usually some tooth does need to be removed for these veneers.  They work well to change ctooth-grinolour or shape of teeth, or make all the front teeth more attractive.  The dentist prepares the teeth and takes the impressions, then the veneers are made at a Dental Laboratory, and so are called ‘indirect’.

Resin veneers are usually called ‘direct’ veneers, as they are made directly on your teeth with you in the dental chair.  They are also tooth coloured, and can also work well to help change shape and colour of teeth, and make all front teeth and the smile in general more attractive.  These veneers are usually done with no local anesthetic, as generally no tooth structure needs to be removed.

Smile Rehabilitation

What, I hear you ask, is a smile rehabilitation?

Well, if you have had a severe grinding/clenching (bruxism) habit for years, and worn your teeth all very short, you may not see your teeth much when you talk or smile, or maybe they just look really flat. ………You need a smile rehabilitation!

Or………maybe you’ve had so many different fillings over the years in all your teeth, and they all look totally different colours and shapes, and you don’t like to smile in photos……You need a smile rehabilitation!

There are other reasons too, but basically, we rebuild and fix up most of your teeth to make them all match and look natural and lovely!  We want you to smile with confidence again!


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