Prevention through Education

At Dobson Dental, we spend a lot of time teaching and educating our patients. It’s really not good enough just to fix a problem. The problem will just happen again if you don’t teach someone how it happened in the first place, and how to avoid it happening again.
For example, there are two main dental diseases, tooth decay and gum disease.tooth-with-brush

If someone has active tooth decay, we go through their diet, and teach them about how bacteria in plaque converts carbohydrates into acid, and how acid dissolves teeth. We show them which foods and drinks are worse, and so to avoid. And we show them how to clean and floss to prevent further decay.
People who have gum disease have a very serious problem that will last a lifetime, and potentially cause their teeth to fall out if we do not properly educate them on how to stop the progression of the disease. We need to really make sure these folk know how to very carefully clean every nook and cranny in their mouth! They also need to be on a strict routine to visit us for a thorough clean.
Not only do we teach prevention, but we practice it too. Wherever possible, the dentistry we practice is preventive or proactive against decay, gum disease, bruxism, or any of the many issues that arise in the oral environment.


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