Root Canal Fillings

Root Canal Fillings at Dobson Dental often put patients to sleep!  Yes, you read it correctly!  It really doesn’t have to be awful.  If a tooth becomes infected and you need a root canal treatment, we are very happy to explain the process to you thoroughly first.

In short however, the inflamed or dead nerve tissue inside the tooth is removed, which allows a tooth that was causing pain, to be kept instead of extracted.  The inside of the tooth and roots are then sterilized and shaped to be filled.

Full treatment usually takes three visits over about three months until the infection is fully treated, then usually a crown is needed soon after.

Dental Crown and Bridge Work

tooth-bracesSo just how are ‘ tooth crowns’ and ‘ tooth bridges’ related?

Well, both are essentially tooth coloured porcelain restorations, used to strengthen severely broken down teeth.

Dental Crowns  are like a deep hat, that completely covers a tooth, to hold it together and give it strength.  Some of the outside and top of the tooth must first be removed to make room to put the crown on, so that the final tooth and crown is the same size as the original tooth was.

Dental Bridges are one or more Dental Crowns linked together that ‘bridge’ a space where a tooth is missing, with a porcelain tooth.  They are a great option to replace a missing tooth when one or both teeth adjacent to the missing tooth needs a crown.

Dental Implant Treatment Planning

 Dental Implants are used to replace lost teeth.

 Implants are artificial tooth roots that often look a bit like ‘screws’, that are placed into the jawbone.  They are then attached to a crown, so they look and function similar to a real tooth.

At Dobson Dental, we don’t place dental implants, but we do treatment plans including them, and we have great teams of specialists we work with who do place them.  We believe that dental implants are such an intricate and specialized field, that they should only be managed by specialists who have the highest training in this area, and who perform this treatment daily.

We have lots of information about dental implants, and how they may be an option for you, and integrated into your smile, and treatment plan.


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