Teeth and Gum Cleaning

Cleaning is an essential corner stone of our practice. Your teeth will not last if your gums are not healthy, and poor oral health can lead to other serious illnesses. So clean teeth and gums are most important. We take a lot of time and effort here at Dobson Dental to not only carefully and thoroughly clean your teeth and gums, but also to educate you on how to keep them cleaner yourself. This way you keep your dental bills lower, and oral health better.

Dental check-ups

We have fun doing check-ups on big and little people!
Check-ups are when we get to know you and your mouth. We very carefully check all your teeth and gums and the inside of your mouth. Then we make a treatment plan with you for moving forward.

Teeth Fillings

We love doing fillings, there are never two the same!
Primarily our fillings are white, which not only look better, but are better for your teeth.
And of course we cater to cowards! We are all very gentle and caring, and explain as we go, so there are no surprises. We have a range of ways to numb areas, and can just as often work without numbing without pain for those who dislike needles.

Veteran’s Affairs Cards Welcome

We are very proud of our War Veterans! So of course we warmly welcome anyone with a Veteran’s Affairs card.

Medicare Child Dental Scheme

We gladly treat children with a letter from Medicare stating they are eligible for dental treatment under Medicare. We choose to bulk bill these families. Just please make sure that you show your letter prior to your treatment.


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